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Rho Gamma Testimonials


"I loved being a Rho Gamma, because I know how overwhelming recruitment can be. I wanted to be an understanding and enthusiastic supporter to the new members because everyone deserves to find a sisterhood they belong in. So many of my friends are in different organizations and I love being involved in the Panhellenic community."

 - Georgia Heery, Rho Gamma '21


"Being a Rho Gamma was definitely one of the most memorable highlights of my senior year. I loved guiding the new members to their homes and seeing them grow and develop through the week in the best ways! To this day, I still stay in touch with the lovely ladies of Group 8 and have been fortunate enough to develop strong friendships with my PNMs. The Rho Gamma experience truly gave me a wider appreciation for AU’s unique Greek Life community and made “running home” even more worth it. If you want the opportunity to break stereotypes, develop strong bonds with PNMs, and be their first impression on Greek Life, being a Rho Gamma is the way to go. 10/10 experience, would definitely recommend!! 


 - Inuri, Rho Gamma '21


"I loved my time as a Rho Gamma!!! It made me appreciate the Panhellenic community in a way I never had before. I got to meet so many amazing women from other organizations and bond over our shared love and passion for our respective sororities and the broader Panhellenic community. I loved getting to help guide potential new members on the path to finding their home-away-from-homes, and I was so appreciative to be able to give back to the community that has given me so much. Being a Rho Gamma helped to round out my sorority experience, and I loved every second of it!"

 - Jessie Stern, Rho Gamma '21


"I wanted to be a Rho Gamma because I remember what going through recruitment is like. I had a great Rho Gamma who made me excited about joining Greek life and I wanted to provide that same experience to other people. Being a Rho Gamma has been one of my favorite parts of being in a Panhellenic organization and I even did it a second year because I loved it so much the first time!"

 - Rebecca Finck, Rho Gamma '21 & '20

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