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Rho Gamma Testimonials

anita rho gamma.jpg

"When I was a potential new member in 2020, I was terrified of recruitment. Anytime I felt anxious or stressed, it was my Rho Gamma that I turned to for comfort. Being able to provide the same comfort that I received to my group of potential new members as a Rho gamma was truly a full-circle moment. Seeing how happy everyone was running home on bid night was so amazing and made the entire Rho gamma experience worth it!"

 - Anita Marien, Rho Gamma '23


"Being a Rho Gamma was definitely one of the most memorable highlights of my senior year. I loved guiding the new members to their homes and seeing them grow and develop through the week in the best ways! To this day, I still stay in touch with the lovely ladies of Group 8 and have been fortunate enough to develop strong friendships with my PNMs. The Rho Gamma experience truly gave me a wider appreciation for AU’s unique Greek Life community and made “running home” even more worth it. If you want the opportunity to break stereotypes, develop strong bonds with PNMs, and be their first impression on Greek Life, being a Rho Gamma is the way to go. 10/10 experience, would definitely recommend!! 


 - Inuri, Rho Gamma '21

angelina rho gamma.JPG

"When I went through recruitment my freshman year, my Rho Gamma made all the difference for me in my process. She was there to support me and talk through what I was feeling, which I'll never forget, and I knew from that point forward I wanted to be that person for others. I'm so happy that I followed through on that commitment because it led me to one of my best experiences in college. You get to meet so many amazing people from different organizations that you may never have had the chance to meet through being a Rho Gamma. On top of this, you also get to mentor a group of amazing women going through the recruitment process, which is the most fulfilling thing ever (it's genuinely like being their little cheerleader)!! From goofy chats to long and serious talks, my group of PNMs will always hold a special place in my heart. I truly loved being a Rho Gamma, and I absolutely recommend it!"

 - Angelina Floyd, Rho Gamma '23

caroline rho gamma.JPG

“Being a Rho Gamma was such an incredible opportunity. I had the chance to make real connections with girls in other chapters and give advice to Possible New Members who were going through Recruitment. It was such a unique part of Recruitment, and really helped me work on my leadership/teamwork skills.”

 - Caroline Hirn, Rho Gamma '23

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